Advanced filters

Specify countries of origin, skills, budget or keywords that are not a match for your search, and exclude all the entries you do not want to work with. Review all the filtered entries to make sure nothing slips away.


Based on your preferences, we highlight key words in a job description body and title to make sure it grabs your attention. Easily rank jobs by a number of highlights to see the important ones right away.

Job alerts

When it comes to the best offers, sometimes minutes in application timing matter. With job alerts that are easily customizable, you can now always stay in the loop!

Job details

Get a bird-eye view of a job. See all the information needed to decide if it's worth applying to — title, budget, skills, number of highlights — and click that big red button to grab the opportunity.

Feed controls

Intuitive interface helps you quickly sift through the job opportunities and gives you full control of your feed. Set sorting to "Most hits" and click, hover or hotkey your way through your future contracts.


Nest feeds into groups by categories and get a cumulative feed to harvest all the opportunities that match your search.

Instant updates

Upfeed collects jobs from feeds right as they are posted, no delays. Make sure you get to those opportunities first!

New jobs flow

Don't lose your progress in a feed when the new jobs come — review them quickly in an overlay and continue where you left off.

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