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Our team has performed 70% faster in job search via Upfeed.
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What’s inside

Upfeed is packed with features that are meant to streamline freelancer's job search.


Never miss a great opportunity again! Based on your preferences, we highlight key words in a job description body and title, to make sure it grabs your attention.

Instant updates

Upfeed collects job posts from the feed right as they are posted. Make sure you get to those opportunities first!

Advanced filters

Specify countries of origin, skills, budget or keywords that are not a match, and exclude all the entries you do not want to work with.

Job alerts

When it comes to the best offers, sometimes minutes in application timing matter. With job alerts that are easily customizable, you can now always stay in the loop!
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How it works

Four easy steps to find clients faster.

Set up your feed

Find an RSS link on your freelance platform, copy and paste it in Upfeed.

Adjust filters

Remove unfit job opportunities from your feed.

Choose keywords

Input words that usually help you understand whether the job is right for you.

Get clients first!

Receive instant updates on new jobs that are great for you and be the first to apply.

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Works great for


Accelerate income growth
Work with more clients
Save time on opportunities search
Fill your pipeline and start a business
Find projects to combine


Increase number of clients for your agency
Direct efforts at the best opportunities only
Find more engaging projects for the team
Save time and budget for sales
Ensure agency growth

Sales managers

Kill your KPIs
Show best results in the department
Get higher commissions
Boost your career growth
Spend saved time on yourself

Frequently asked questions


What is Upfeed?

Upfeed is a smart RSS-reader built specifically for freelancers and agencies that work on freelance platforms. It's different from other solutions in a way that it lets users easily monitor, filter, and what's most important, get a list of automatically prioritized job opportunities.

No need to spend hours looking yourself anymore!


How Upfeed actually works?

Our service is built on top of the RSS technology. RSS is a web feed that allows users and applications to access updates to websites in a standardized, computer-readable format. This technology allows for quick and easy work with feeds and is a global stable protocol.

Using our own insights from working with freelance platforms and job search, we created Upfeed adding all the features we were missing in platform's feeds. And added an amazing user-friendly interface :)


Who Upfeed works best for?

Upfeed is a product that we developed for our internal use first — to find more job opportunities as an agency and to spend less time on sifting through the feeds. Result: spending 70% less time on opportunities search.

Upfeed is also a great help for freelancers who are not in constant search of work, but still don't want to spend a lot of their time on scrolling.


Do you collect any of my Upwork info?


Upfeed is not in any way affiliated with Upwork and does not collect any of your Upwork's account information.

Our iconic duo:

Make the most of Upfeed by setting your skills right!

Use our free app to list the skills right in the sweet spot for your client.

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